Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Beginning.

I’ve never been an avid blogger. Truth be told, I am the worst at it. Blame it on a severe case of ADHD or a busy schedule, it’s just not been a first priority. So, keeping up with this will be a challenge, but one I’m willing and ready to take.

As you may ( or may not) know, this summer I will be traveling to Alajuelita, Costa for two months to work with 6:8 Ministries as an intern. This blog will be my way of communicating and sharing every step of the journey it takes to get there, from fundraising to finally arriving. It's been a lengthy process thus far and I'm so excited to share each event that happens. More so, I'm grateful that God would let me take part in such a wonderful adventure.  I hope my story inspires and encourages you in some way.

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